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Collaborate and Save

Find the cheapest fuel and save with Aikona. With the Aikona app, you can see prices from other users, share your own price and help others save too.

Drive yourself to save more

Discover the cheapest fuel stations wherever you are! Use Aikona to find new fuel stations, convenience store promotions and more.


Is the app free to download?
Of course! You can find our free app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
Where do the fuel prices come from?
The prices shown on the app are populated by other users.
How do I know if the price I'm seeing is correct?
Since we rely on users to populate fuel prices, we allow other users to verify if the price is correct. You can also view the date the price was updated.
How do I update the price?
If the price changes due to general price fluctuations, you can submit the latest price by selecting the "Submit New Price" button. If you find the shown price to be incorrect, you can also report and update it with the correct price.

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